Minnesota Mathematics League

The League exists to identify students who have unusual mathematical ability, to give them recognition and encouragement, to bring them together with similarly gifted students for mutual stimulation, and to prod them into the study of topics not commonly taught in the high school curriculum.
League activities are focused on students with unusual mathematical ability, but they are inextricably related to other concerns in mathematics education. We have always believed that a program for gifted students is shortsighted if it is not developed in a way that strengthens mathematics education for all students.
Member schools belong to a division of five to ten schools that often are aligned with their athletic conference competitors. Each school has a team with a maximum of eight students, although individual participation is also encouraged. The teams in each division come together for five meets each season.
The top scoring team, and in some circumstances the top two teams, and the top scoring students in each division are invited to the State Tournament which is held on the second Monday in March at South St Paul High School.
Currently there are 161 schools in the League in 24 divisions. Over 3,000 students participate.
Breckenridge Senior High competes in the West Central Conference. Participating schools are: Breckenridge, Moorhead, Alexandria, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, and Pelican Rapids.

Sierpinski Tetrahedron
Sierpinski Tower

The BHS Mathletes paint the Sierpinski Tetrahedron metal sculpture annually. The mathematical sculpture was completed in 2008 and is located next to the bicycle trail along Highway 75 just south of the Ottertail bridge. For more information , click on the website: www.sierpinskitetrahedron.com

Adopt a Highway
Adopt A Highway

The BHS Mathletes adopted a 2.5 mile stretch of ditch on Highway 75 and 9 south of Breckenridge in 2006. The students are proud to be able to give back to the community with a service project that benefits us all. They annual outing takes the students about four hours to complete.