Farm Work License Information

A 15 year old may qualify for a restricted farm work driver’s license after obtaining a MN driving permit, completing the behind-the-wheel portion of a driver education course, completing a driving log, and passing a road test. Students who are 14 years old do not qualify for a farm license.

A restricted farm work driver’s license allows a young person to help a parent, guardian, or employer with farm work. The license holder may drive alone to perform farm work during daylight hours, within 40 miles of the farmhouse, in cities with populations of less than 100,000.

To obtain a farm work driver’s license, the applicant’s parent or legal guardian must fill out an affidavit, which is available at all driver’s license examination stations. The completed affidavit must be presented to the driver examiner at the time of the road test, along with a property tax statement that classifies the property as agricultural. If the parent or guardian rents the farm land, a rental agreement and property tax statement are required.

Applicants do not need to wait six months before taking the road test for this license. When ready for their road test, the applicant must present a certificate of completion from an approved behind-the-wheel driver education course and supervised driving log. Please call 651-284-1234 to make an appointment for a road test.

The farm work restriction can be removed after the driver holds an instruction permit for six months and reaches 16 years of age. The farm work restriction will remain in effect until the driver applies to have it removed.