Teen Driver Safety Parent Awareness Program

The next parent class will be held in August, 2024 in room 248 at the Breckenridge Elementary School from 6:00-7:30 p.m. There is no cost for the program and pre-registration is not required.  Please enter through door #1.
Effective January 1, 2015, every driver under the age of 18 who completes Behind the Wheel instruction AND is testing for a provisional license must submit a driving log. Parents/guardians have TWO options regarding the supervised driving log:

1. Attend a Parent Awareness Program provided by an approved Minnesota Driver Education Program and collect an attendance certificate.  The teen driver will submit the attendance certificate along with a supervised driving log showing at least 40 hours of supervised driving; 15 of which are nighttime hours.

2. If a parent/guardian does not attend the Parent Awareness Program, the teen driver must submit a supervised driving log showing at least 50 hours; 15 of which are nighttime hours.

Attendance at the Parent Awareness Program is highly recommended but is not mandatory.  Information provided will include:

  • Graduated Licensing System
  • Safety risks associated with new drivers
  • Potential influence of adult behavior on teen drivers

Please contact Stacy Busta, Driver Education Coordinator, with any questions.